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This phone can register and call SIP and IAX users. So if you follow our example you can register and call any of the SIP and IAX users we have registered (ivan, test, ivan_iax, test_iax).


When started for first time it is normal to see some failure displayed. Do not worry when you register the user and restart the application everything will be fine.
Just register any user from the File/Settings menu


Above is what you see when registring the user. Here I choose user ivan. In the ‘Friendly Name’ field you may type anything you want, I prefer to be the user who will be registered. SIP domain and proxy is the IP address of Asterisk (in my case this is you have to type the IP of the Asterisk server you are using). ‘IP Address’ is the IP of your host pc (my IP is you have to type your own).

After this LogIn from the File menu again. Username is the username of your user and the user’s password (secret field in iax.conf or sip.conf depending whether the user is SIP or IAX one). The application may remember your password but if do not want you may uncheck the ‘Remember Password’ field.


Wait a minute while your user is being registered


Now you can call the extensions from the context. Just type the number you want to dial in the address field.

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